22 US Military Veterans will choose suicide today. They fought for us, it is time we fight for them.




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Nancy Williams

Michael Kuter

Devin Larson

Erin Dawley

Lynn Gillis

Casey Duffy

​Thaddaeus Robbins

​Christina Lange-Ferlisi

​Cheryl Hubbard

​Kristie Marino

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Why I Ruck....

I am Humping it for the 22 veteran suicides daily. I humped that past 10 years adding all the perils of war into my ruck. Each peak plateaued sooner than the previous.. each valley became deeper than the last. I carried the heaviest of emotions. Anxiety, depression, rage, dependency on alcohol and Prozac.. Zoloft... Xanax... Wellbutrin and whatever else the VA told me would help. It didn't. Just made me a zombie that took to finding fulfillment through unhealthy eating and endless cases of craft brews. My marriage was falling apart, my daughters viewed me as an unpredictable monster... one minute being the funny and lovable Daddy they loved and the next a spazzed out loud mouth who only knew how to separate myself from them. My career was in shambles. I was 10 years into government contracting working overseas for 4 of them. Since I didn't have the guts to end it myself, I was praying for a mortar, rocket, active shooter to do it for me. I came home and a few months later attended a dinner that was sponsoring a veteran program called Operation Restored Warrior. A year later I attended the same dinner and finally got the guts to go. My life was forever changed. Since returning, a few other alumnis of ORW started Ma Deuce Deuce (MA22). We are in hopes to become vessels to the MANY programs out there, like ORW & Warhorse Scuba, that aren't in the "Here, take these pills and see us in 3 months" business. So I'm humping with 22lbs.. for 22k.. for the 22. I've had worse. Semper Fi. 

Dennis addesso