22 US Military Veterans will choose suicide today. They fought for us, it is time we fight for them.



Join us on July 22, 2017 as we team forces with

Ma Deuce Deuce in a 22K WALK from Brick to Seaside!

Unfortunately, 22 veterans will choose to end their lives today. This is a terrible trend that has hit too close to home with the recent death of Purple Heart recipient, Marine combat veteran Cpl Gary Bell from Brick, NJ

Join us on July 22, 2017 as Warhorse SCUBA joins forces with Ma Deuce Deuce in a 22K HUMP from Brick to Seaside! Our mission is to raise awareness of the 22 daily veteran suicide epidemic through challenging our community, as well ourselves, with a 22 kilometer hike.. or "Ruck March" for our Army/Air Force folk / "Hump" for the Marines and Navy. We will be carrying a 22lb pack to remind us of the burdens our heroes have carried since returning home. Packs are optional, but encouraged. You do not have to be a veteran to join us. All are welcome! After all, NO ONE SHOULD HUMP ALONE!

All you need is $22 and a heart of endurance to join us! We are looking for sponsors for each kilometer. The pre-Hump safety brief kicks off at 7:30 am at Trader's Cove in Brick. All Humpers/Ruckers must be present. There will be a small refreshments table sponsored by possibly.. YOU.. with bagels, donuts, and coffee/juice.

Several rest points are planned and will be provided prior to stepping off. During these rest points you will be able to hydrate, adjust gear, change socks, and take all the selfies you want. Not everyone can hump it as long as us... so please, do not feel intimidated to not join us because you're unsure you'd finish. Once the restpoints are provided, you can arrange to have a family member/friend pick you up or drop you off. Raising awareness of the 22 suicide epidemic is the mission.

We will have an American flag and a guidon for each department of service as well as for Warhorse SCUBA and MA22. These flags can be carried by all when motivated to do so. You are certainly encouraged to bring your own.
An after party is in the works near our end point in Seaside. Those details will be posted as the come. Spread the word! You can ruck it... you can hump it... just as long as you're doing it for the 22!

To register, sponsor, or support your favorite Humper.. click the link below.



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